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Absolute Wall Drills - New Drills December 2012

Here are two videos of the drills we have started to incorporate, to put our entire cycle, or turnover, together. One is done for a slow rotation, the other is a quick cycle through. 


Absolute Wall Drills - Slow Cycle

Absolute Wall Drills - Fast Cycle

Step over Drills for Strides

I've put in a few links for the step over drills (ankles, shins, and knees) that we are combining to form our strides after practice. There will be more of these throughout the off-season. You can get to each link by clicking on it, and then watching the video. You will get a better picture of what I'm talking about.

Right now we are doing about 20 yards on the ankles, 20 on the shins and 30 for the knees - with a quick turnover equal to around 180 strides/minute. As you progress through, you will cover more ground and thus be running faster. Higher knee = longer stride length = faster pace.

Stepover Run Ankle

Stepover Run Shin

Stepover Run Knee

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