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GPS Watch Recommendations

I've had a few questions regarding watches that help with training, etc. While the Timex watches that are available should someone forget their watch are sufficient, there are more watches available, up to GPS watches.


While this is no means an endorsement of any and all GPS watches, or a statement of requirement, I thought I would share this with those who were interested. The following link is done by a avid runner/cyclist/swimmer (I believe they call these people triathletes) and is pretty complete. There are more specific reviews for each watch recommended, and a few that aren't on this blog. Disclaimer: I have not reviewed every entry on this blog, only the items pertaining to GPS devices. 


You can purchase GPS watches at any running store like Sole Sports, Road Runner Sports or Runners Den, or online if you know exactly what you are getting. Hope this helps.


GPS Watch Review


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